The Blackwater Valley Action Group

We reject the Highways Agency’s proposal to drive the new A120 between the villages of Coggeshall, Feering and Kelvedon.  

We share information to help other groups, residents and representative bodies to oppose this route

We recognise that some people support the route out of fear that an alternative that could be more damaging for them, rather than because they favour the route per se.  In such cases we seek to convince them of the drawbacks of the route and ask them both to oppose the route and to encourage the Highways Agency to give proper consideration to other routes.
We analyse and communicate the implications and impacts - such as traffic, environmental, ecological and social - that would result from the A120 Blackwater route, so as to galvanise opposition to it.

We organise events to help people draw their own conclusions. Our May Bank Holiday walk through the Blackwater Valley attracted over 300 walkers and the highly visible support of all the main local political parties. Our public meeting in Coggeshall produced a near-unanimous rejection of the route from the 200 residents who attended.

We recognise that other route options may also bring problems and respect other people's right and duty to protect their own interests.

Our raison d'être is to stop the A120 going through the Blackwater Valley but we welcome constructive dialogue with others who are concerned about the possible alternatives, in order to see if we can find common ground.